Our Good Bodies

Tuesday, 8 Mar 2022

Happy IWD team terrae! This year, we're celebrating this amazing, resilient, powerful, extraordinary, soft, beautiful, unique thing we call our bodies. You may think the only thing you’ll do in the next 60 seconds is tap through these stories, but there’s a lot going on inside you that keeps you alive without you even realizing it.

10 incredible things our bodies do every minute:
- It blinks
- It keeps your heart beating
- It pumps blood
- It inhales and exhales
- It produces millions of blood cells
- It cleans blood
- It repairs bones
- It sheds skin cells
- It regulates your body temperature
- It processes information

Okay, biology aside. There's so much to thank our bodies for.

 1. It Is Ever Changing

Our bodies are always changing based on the needs it has at the moment in your life and hormonal cycle. It knows what you need, even when you don’t. 

2. It Adjusts As Needed

Our bodies send us signals, providing us energy or telling us to rest when we need it. Honour your body by listening to it! 

3. It Likes To Be Active

Our bodies like to move! Take a walk, lift some weights, run from responsibilities (just kidding). Love your body because it allows you to do the things you love.

4. It Takes Care of the Small Stuff

Remember those 10 things we talked about? Our bodies do all that and more. Every. single. day, Wild, huh?

Maybe you're not a fan of your body. Or maybe you just wish your body looked different. You're not alone. Most of us experience body dissatisfaction at some point in our lives. And learning to love your body isn't as easy as one would think. Here are a few concrete ways to start:

1. Scrap the idea that looking a certain way will make you happier

Tell yourself: I deserve to be loved and accepted in this exact body that does so much for me every day.

2. Stop comparing and judging other's bodies

You deserve to be loved and accepted in your body. So does everyone else.

3. Get to know your body

To love your body, you must first know your body. Notice what's going on in and around it.

4. Do something that makes your body feel good every day

Put on a face mask, a full face of make up, a comfy sweater — train your brain to associate your body with positive feelings.

5. Be concious of your internet habits 

Think about how social media affects how you view your body. Who do you follow and how does this affect your feelings about yourself?

6. Make exercise about feeling good

Exercise as a way to love your body, not as a way to change or fight it. Move to feel good.