As You Are

Sunday, 19 July 2020

Ever hear the words “just be yourself” and think, “what does that even mean?” or, “not a chance”. Believe us, you’re not alone. “Being yourself” can seem terrifying, especially when our image or reputation is on the line. The last thing we want is to be deemed as outcasts, for ’society’ to reject us for who we really are. But here’s the tea — caring about what others think of us all the time is exhausting. And frankly, it can make us feel a bit miserable too. We’re only human after all. So how can you show up, As You Are?

1. Stop thinking

Just kidding. But really, what we mean is, stop overthinking. Constantly worrying about what kind of image we’re projecting doesn't help. Instead, try focusing on the things and people that truly matter. Ask yourself, how can I be a better human being to the planet and to those around me? How can I be a better daughter? A better sister? A better friend? A better citizen of the world? When we find meaning in the things and people around us, that’s when we can provide the most value.

2. Do something that excites you (and maybe even scares you a little)

What makes you come alive? Some people know exactly what they love doing as soon as they take their first breath. For others? Not so easy. We’ve literally got the world at our fingertips, and the possibilities are endless — how do we decide? If you haven’t found something you’re passionate about (and again, don’t worry if you haven’t), there’s no better time to explore. Dabble in different things. Try that thing you’ve been meaning to for years but put off because you were too afraid of what people would think. Life’s too short. Take the plunge. It’s never too early, and it is never, ever too late.

3. Celebrate the little wins

Yes, try the thing. Try all the things! But also don’t beat yourself up if you don’t become an expert at something overnight. Give yourself a pat on the back for the wins, even (and especially) the ones that aren't obvious to everyone else, because no one else will understand what it took for you to get there. Accept that you will be great at some things, and not so great at others. What matters is that you put yourself out there and gave it your best shot. That you showed up and put in the work. That you did the thing your way, as you are. And isn’t that all anyone can ask for?

4. Slow. Down.

No, it’s not just you: time does seem to "speed up" as we get older. We get it, life can be hectic. There’s work to be done, errands to be run, relationships that need to be given time and care, and deadlines to be met. One of our favourite quotes comes from Denzel Washington and it goes, “Just because you are doing a lot more, doesn't mean you are getting a lot done. Don't confuse movement with progress.” Which is why it’s all the more important to take a moment to pause and reflect. After all, life’s a marathon, not a sprint.

5. Move

By this, we don’t mean “get out of the way”. Move, get your blood flowing in any way or form that suits your lifestyle and makes you feel your best. Maybe to you, moving looks like boxing or HIIT. For some, it looks like yoga or barre. For others, moving looks like football, dancing, basketball, walking, stretching, hiking, ultimate frisbee, spinning, running, surfing, skip roping, golf, jiu jitsu — we could go on forever. If you haven’t found your go-to way to move, experiment! Assuming that exercise has to be just one thing or the other may limit you from finding an activity you might truly enjoy.

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